The following is an email from a man who lives right by Calderwood Glenn and the remains of the Calderwood Castle. We are very gratefull for his effort in providing additional pictures and information on this subject.

I presume you have already seen the article and photographs that were published in our local newspaper a few years ago about the history of Calderwood area and Calderwood Castle? This is about as much as I know (possibly as much as anyone knows!). It was written by a librarian and researcher and took years to compile so it is quite comprehensive. There is no mention in the article of anyone other than the Maxwell family living in the area or castle and this all starts around 1400AD. I have not found anything from before this time. Regarding the glen as it is today....I live right next to it and sometimes venture into it during our summer months. I don't know if you're interested in this part or not but I'll give you some info anyway! I first move to my current house only four years ago and was immediately intrigued by this massive wooded area next to me. I learned from my next door neighbour (who has lived in their house since it was built in 1970) that it was Calderwood Glen and it contained the ruins of a castle. I explored the wood that summer and found the main wall that formed the garden area plus some rubble that was the main tower. I also came across the remains of the burial tomb (only 4 stone walls about 3 feet high remain) then became very interested in the history of the castle and of East Kilbride (the original village). You'll already know from the newspaper article that the last part of the castle was demolished/blownup in 1951. After this time I can only presume it was left as grassland and woodland owned by the council. But the new town of East Kilbride was underway by the early sixties as part of the slum clearance programme in Glasgow city. Our houses (in Calderwwod area) were built around 1970 and my neighbour can recall that the council cut the grass short in the glen during the summer and there were even picnic tables. The tables had disappeared by the eighties and the council stopped maintaining the area and cutting the grass by the early nighties. As a result, it is very overgrown today and is just a wilderness. You asked about photos of the area before it was renovated but it never really was renovated, more just left to grow and forgotten about! I have not seen many photos of the glen other than the ones in the newspaper story. You know it was owned by the Scottish Cooperative Wholesale Society after 1904, well all their records are now deposited in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow (just around the corner from where I work) and one of these days I'm going to start trawling through their archives in the hope that I might find some information or even photographs of what the area looked like before my house was built here. It will be a time consuming process as I have done it before for very different reasons (tracing my own family history). Sorry for being so long-winded and I realise it may be of no help whatsoever but I reckoned I may be able to give some additional help about the Calderwood area to those who live thousands of miles away (like yourself). Regards Alistair Connell