Do You Know Your Mormon History Well?


Below are 23 questions (with answers at the end) on Mormon History. Many people say they know the "warts" of church history. Do you!? Citations for all answers given in a linked document at the end.

Joseph Smith Questions:

1. How many women did Joseph Smith Marry?
One, his beloved Emma and none else
Church website says more than 20 before he died
Probably 1,000, at least 20 a day

2. Did he have sex with any of them?
Of course not silly! The marriages were only him uniting everybody into a big, happy family
BYU professors and church historians say he likely did with at least a few of them
Every single one, every single time

3. How young was the youngest that he married when he was over age 35?
At least 30. Brother Joseph would only marry people near his age and most were probably old widows that needed help
14, when he was 37
Probably 2 because he was marrying anyone and everyone

4. Were any of them already married?
Of course not, the scriptures forbid it
All of them, that's how he preferred it

5. Did all of the husbands know their wives were getting married to Joseph?
Of course, if he did the husbands would have given Joseph their permission
No, unfortunately some were gone on missions when Joseph approached the wife
He never told anyone

6. The Book of Mormon says that Polygamy is only to “raise up seed.” Did Joseph follow this (have sex to procreate) and the other mandates given by God (get wives permission, marry only unmarried women, marry only virgins)?
Of course, he never did anything against the will of God other than let the 116 pages go to Martin Harris
He married several without telling Emma, then had them fake a marriage after Emma found out
He married secretly whomever he could then created lots of inner cirlces to help keep his secrets, secret

7. Mormon polygamous women had ______ children compared to Mormon and non-mormon monogamous marriages.

Foundational Event Questions:

8. First Vision was first written down _______ after it happened
12 years
after Joseph's death

9. Bestowal of the priesthood was written down _______ after it happened
9 years
after Joseph's death

10. At one point or another Joseph said the following people came to Joseph in his first vision
Only God the Father and His son Jesus Christ
First Jesus only, then an angel, then two angels, then Mornoi, and once even Nephi but finally settled on God and Jesus

11. At what age did Joseph say he had the first vision?
14, but many years later he kind of forgot and said 15
First 16 then 14 and later even 17
Every time was a different age from 12 to 25

12. Did Joseph join any churches after being told not to by God in his First Vision?
Of course not! If God told him not to that would be so amazing there is no way he ever could
Yep, there are records of him joinging a church after the time he said he received the First Vision
Yeah, every single one in New York

13. Were others having similar visions saying the same things at the time?
No, he brought new ideas to the world from God that no one had previously discussed
Yes, many were having similar visions and saying everything he said before the Navuoo period
He copied everything he said from other preachers

Book of Mormon Questions:

14. Which of the following things that couldn't appear in the Book of Mormon according to its own story actually do?
Nothing, the Book of Mormon is the most correct book on earth
Neoplatonistic dualism (didn't exist when BOM was written), KJV translation errors, Deutero-Isaiah quotations (written after Lehi left Jerusalem)
Its a proven fact that Lehi went to the moon to live with the Quakers that Joseph said lived there

15. Was Joseph telling stories about the descendents of Jews in America before having his first vision or seeing Moroni?
Of course not silly! He didn't find out about that until he received his miraculous first vision.
Yes, his family said he would tell stories about them quite frequently in a lot of detail after practicing it so much
He wrote the Book of Mormon before being told about it

16. What are the themes in the Book of Mormon?
Only things that are relevant for our day that Moroni knew we would need
Several of the very hot topics that were debated in the New York area like infant baptism, secret combinations, hiding treasures in the ground, etc.
The Book of Mormon has been shown to be written by Pastor Oliver Cowdery and given to the world as if Joseph translated it

17. How did Joseph translate the Book of Mormon?
Via the Urim and Thummin of course! He looked through those spectacles on the breastplate until he could understand the language well enough to read it and translate like all the pictures show. Why else would those pictures show that silly. This is an easy one!
By putting a stone in a hat and seeing the words magically appear on the stone
Fax from Satan

General Church History Questions:

18. Which of the following statements were said by an LDS Prophet?
As Christ's church, whose leaders may be imperfect men, we should apologize for the occassional errors we unfortunately make
“And if any man mingle his seed with the seed of Cain the only way he could get rid of it or have Salvation would be to come forward and have his head cut off and spill his blood upon the would also take the life of his children.” - “This law of monogamy, or the monogamic system, laid the foundation for prostitution and the evils and diseases of the most revolting nature and character under which modern Christendom groans…” - "Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be so."
We're filtered from among thousands of members to be the ones that most likely will do what is expected of us even if we find out we actually don't talk face to face with the Savior

19. The Kinderhook plates were ________ ?
An obvious fraud that Joseph sniffed out immediately with his prophetic capabilities
A fraud that Joseph said were plates from a white Lamanite
Joseph made them up as a practical joke

20. The Salamander Letter was _____ and the brethren _______ ?
an obvious fraud / knew of course
a fraud / never knew until after they tried to buy it
word of God / will soon finally realize this

21. After the Rosetta Stone was found and Egyptian could finally be translated it showed that Joseph's translations for the facsimiles of the Book of Abraham were _______ .
spot on of course! He's a prophet of God!
incorrect on every single translation. So much so that the church now admits this.
Why are they even in the scriptures anymore? Wait, this isn't an fill in the blank answer, it's another question. A question within a question like Inception.

Temple Questions:

22. The temple ceremony has stayed the same since it was originally given to Joseph Smith?
Of course silly! It came directly from God.
No, it has changed significantly. They took out a statement about other religions being of Satan, oath against the United States, several parts with intimate touching of the body, promise to cut our stomachs open if we talk about it, etc.
It started as a satire of a Shakespearean telenovela

23. The Masonic ceremony has been shown to go back to?
The time of the building of Solomon's temple, duh!
At best, the 1300's
Masonic ceremonies started after Joseph created the temple ceremony

24. Which Masonic ceremony is more similar to the LDS temple ceremony?
The older it is the more it resembles the temple ceremony obviously. It's a corrupted form that slowly degraded with time
One of the many versions that existed in New York by Joseph that he received before getting the endowment vision
It wasn't like any of them, Mormons hate Masons, that's why the Book of Mormon says secret combinations are evil

Answers: All answers are option B
Explanations with citations given here 7 LDS Questions